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10th of January 2020. We relatives go to Rangamati together. Wherever I go as a photographer, I take the camera with me all the time. Looking for a place to have lunch on the way back from Rangamati. Then a dog is heard in the distance. Luckily our boat stopped at that island. We all start eating with our food packets. Just then, the sound of the puppy was heard from the hill. At one point he came down from a 100 feet high hill calling out. None of us noticed him at first. But after a while we were all surprised when we looked at the puppy. The baby is maybe 2 months old. Both hind legs are lame. Descends from a 100-foot mountain on its forelegs with only the hope of a little food. Come down and sit quietly in one place. And he is waiting for us to give him some field. We all give food for him a little bit from us. Which was a lot. But we were surprised. The puppy ate as much as he could and kept the rest in the bush for the night. I understand that Khide teaches a lot not only to humans but also to an animal.


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