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  1. Leon Fletcher

    LandscapePro - extra 10% discount -This monthly only (June 23)

    With intelligent controls that adapt to the features in your photo, LandscapePro allows you to easily edit your landscape photographs, even if you have no previous experience. Get an extra 10% discount Use code: pim89
  2. Leon Fletcher

    10% off PermaJet papers

    Get 10% off PermaJet paper & canvas using code 2FVC97 Offer valid until 31st Dec 2023.
  3. Leon Fletcher

    Unleashing the Power of ISO Settings in Photography: Mastering Light Sensitivity

    ISO settings play a crucial role in photography, allowing photographers to control the light sensitivity of their cameras and achieve optimal exposure in various lighting conditions. Understanding ISO and how it affects your images is essential for capturing stunning photographs in any...
  4. Leon Fletcher

    Exploring the World of Photography Filters: Enhancing Your Visual Creativity

    Photography filters are indispensable tools for both amateur and professional photographers, allowing them to push the boundaries of their creativity and capture stunning images. These versatile accessories can dramatically transform a photograph by altering light, color, and composition, adding...
  5. Leon Fletcher

    Capturing the Beauty of Nature: Share your Stunning Landscape Shots!

    Hey fellow photographers! I hope you're all doing well and your cameras are ready for some amazing adventures. Today, I wanted to kick off a new discussion focused on one of my personal favorite genres: landscape photography. There's something truly magical about capturing the beauty of nature...
  6. Leon Fletcher

    Interesting read...

    Sony World Photography Award 2023 winner turns down top prize after admitting his image was created with AI
  7. Leon Fletcher

    The Natural World Photography Competition (October 2022)

    Hi @Kobbiep it looks like you uploaded your photos to the media gallery, but they need to be uploaded to this thread to enter the competition. Hope this helps, let us know if I can help in any other way.
  8. Leon Fletcher


    Hi @kkougar it looks like you uploaded your photos to the media gallery, but these need to be added to the following thread to enter: Hope this helps, let us know if I can help in any other way.
  9. Leon Fletcher

    Return Home last afternon

    Great images, would love to see more :)
  10. Leon Fletcher

    New Here!

    Welcome @tbax12 :) 👋
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    Welcome, avijit

    Hi @avijit and welcome to 📷
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    Welcome PTinCalgary,

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    Welcome, AngelaFaith

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    Welcome, alexsears

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    Welcome, AurorA134

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    Welcome, Pavan Prasad

    Thank you for entering The Natural World Photography Competition. Love the entries ❤️📷
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    Welcome, puneet144

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    Welcome, Pavan Prasad

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    Welcome, Tanjilal hamadi sharnob

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    Welcome, beatbeatwing

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